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    Valley Girls

    “Valley Girls” is a weekly program for girls ages 12-18 to meet and chat, debate, and inform themselves of the issues they face in daily life. Structured on improving self-empowerment, the older girls mentor and support the younger ones through topics such as confidence and self-esteem, mental health and well-being, healthy

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    Handy-Person Program

    This service provides seniors and persons with disabilities with a handy-person to do minor home repairs and yard work for a fee of $5.00 per hour.  This service is limited to those living within town limits.

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    Safe Shelter, Information and Support Program

    Sharing Hope and Offering Support The Safe Shelter, Information and Support Program provides free and confidential information, support, and/or emergency shelter for women and their children who have experienced, or are at risk of experiencing, violence. If you are experiencing any sort of violence, this guide can help you to

  • car-accident-by-artur84 For Children

    Police Based Victim Services Program

    The Victim Services Coordinator provides support to people who are victims and/or witnesses of a crime or accident.

  • ID-100105035-by-Ambro For Women

    Stopping the Violence Outreach (STV Outreach) Program

    Working from a client directed and trauma informed lens, the STV Outreach worker supports women in, or, transitioning out of an abusive relationship – to living in safety.

  • small-child-smiling For Children

    Supportive Child Development Program

    The Supportive Child Development program is intended for children with developmental delays. Our consultant will work with the children to assess and develop a service plan to help children progress in their development.

  • ID-100275760 For Infants

    Infant Development Program

    The Infant Development Program services children from 0-3 who are at risk for, or who already have a delay in development.

  • Mar with grandparents 2015 For Infants

    Child, Youth and Family Support Program

    The Family Support Worker can assist families in working towards a stable and healthy foundation for the home environment, to support family members struggling with parenting, communication, conflict resolution and life skills.

  • ID-10092806 For Seniors

    Community Outreach and Support Program (Valemount Only)

    The Community Outreach and Support Worker (COSW) will help individuals facing barriers to connect with appropriate services to access resources.

  • workbc-header-logo For Disabled

    WorkBC Employment Services Center

    Our employment counsellor offers advising, coaching, and providing work related information and support for youth and adults looking for new employment, or transitioning back to the workforce.