• But my child isn’t at risk…

    By Donalda Beeson I know what you’re thinking, “but my child isn’t at risk.” At the Robson Valley Support Society (RVSS) we believe that all children are at risk due to their vulnerability to the influences of their peers, the media, and society in general. We live in a world where gender identification comes with pressures and instructions […]

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  • RVSS-col6-DRAFT-final

    One Womyn’s Story

    By a past client of RVSS The moment your eyes are opened to someone’s true colours, it is life changing, life altering, life shattering – sure feels like it at that very moment. What do you do? Keep playing along? It is an incredible fairy tale I am portraying.My pride was too much to walk […]

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  • rvss-fire

    For some, a candle in the dark

    By: Jen Quam Many people ask me “What do you do with Victim Services?’ This is never an easy answer because no two files I work on are the same, nor is the service provided to the individual or family. In technical terms, the Robson Valley Police Based Victim Services Program is available to any man, woman […]

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  • better-at-home-in-the-robson-valley

    Better at Home – in the Robson Valley

    Better at Home is a program that helps seniors with simple day-to-day tasks so that they can continue to live independently in their own homes and remain connected to their communities. The program is funded by the Government of BC and managed by the United Way of the Lower Mainland. The Better at Home program is designed to address the specific […]

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  • child

    While I am driving down the sandy dirt road…

    While I am driving down the sandy dirt road towards my next home visit, I am thinking about how my program can support a young worried family that I just saw. They found out that their four month old, a very sick baby, needs to do more tests at the Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. I will see them again […]

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  • RVSS-week2

    Looking for work can be a heavy job

    So can daily life when you need help reading, budgeting or doing math. These areas can be very stressful. The Robson Valley Support Society (RVSS) has two free programs to help. The BC Employment Service Centre and the Community Adult Literacy Program can support you in reaching your goals. The BC Employment Service Centre can help to […]

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  • stress

    Could stress be the reason?

    It’s no joke, it is a big deal, and no one is above it. It’s real, the moments in life that feel like you don’t understand anyone and no one understands you. Your family drives you crazy, your kids are always at you, you worry you might lose your job. Maybe you wonder how the next bill […]

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