Looking for work can be a heavy job


So can daily life when you need help reading, budgeting or doing math.

These areas can be very stressful. The Robson Valley Support Society (RVSS) has two free programs to help. The BC Employment Service Centre and the Community Adult Literacy Program can support you in reaching your goals.

The BC Employment Service Centre can help to connect you with employment. The employment counsellor can assess your skill set, give you a
free Myers Briggs personality test, or help you realize a career change. RVSS offers this service in McBride. Valemount clients can access employment
services through the Valemount Learning Centre.

Employment Counsellor Bridget Uhl says her office can also help you access funding for training, find support for you if you’re starting a new
business, or access a wage subsidy for you at a new job. Bridget says a lot of his job involves coaching and mentoring. He helps people in their job search with resumes, cover letters, and offers workshops. She also helps clients with professionalism and interview skills. The resource centre has job postings from McBride, Valemount and the region. Clients can use
the computers to email resumes, research jobs, or look for training.

Bridget says he can also help organizations by finding funding for new workers. For instance, if the museum is doing construction project, his office can
arrange funding so a new worker can gain skills on that project. Stacey Kendall coordinates the Community Adult Literacy Program. Increasing literacy can happen in a variety of ways, from understanding new concepts of local government to positive parenting to reading trail signs. Stacey assists clients with written, verbal, math, computer, family, and life skill literacy. It might be that you have trouble balancing your chequebook or writing a letter. Maybe you’d like to finish your high school education. Stacey is here to guide and support you.

BC Employment Service Centre
Connecting individuals with employment in McBride, Bridget Uhl can also arrange wage subisidies for your new job. Come and use the resource centre to email your resume, get a proofread of your cover letter, or attend a workshop on job interviews and more! This is funded by the Valemount Learning Centre.

Community Adult Literacy Program
Stacey Kendall can help you with written, verbal, math, computer, family, and life skill literacy. She can connect you with the Dogwood Program so you can finish high school and help you find courses to improve your skills. Funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education.

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