Could stress be the reason?


It’s no joke, it is a big deal, and no one is above it. It’s real, the moments in life that feel like you don’t understand anyone and no one understands you. Your family drives you crazy, your kids are always at you, you worry you might lose your job. Maybe you wonder how the next bill will be paid. You don’t like the sound of your voice anymore – it’s always annoyed or seems angry. Your children are struggling with a mental or physical disability. Perhaps you need to go through miles of red tape just to receive a much needed government resource and none of it makes sense to you – it’s overwhelming. You might be young, struggling with school issues and feeling pain that you don’t understand, maybe you are a child that doesn’t understand why the people you love the most hurt each other, or you. Maybe you have lost someone you love, forever. The list goes on.

Your family drives you crazy, your kids are always at you, you worry you might lose your job…

How we acknowledge, react and cope with stress can be the determining factor of how satisfied we are with life and how healthy we are. We are all faced with stress on different levels. Stress comes from what feels like uncontrollable external sources and we can breed it further by adding internal stress, such as negative self-talk, unrealistic expectations, an ‘all or nothing’ belief system, being pessimistic or a chronic worrier. Consequences can range from mild to debilitating physical symptoms and negative behaviors from simple irritating behaviors and misbehaving to unintended criminal
acts of violence. Fortunately, we can learn to control the how we react to stress and how stress affects us. Robson Valley Support Society is here to help individuals and families recognize and better manage immediate or ongoing stress in life, to help heal the damage cause by stress – and prevent future damage. With offices in both McBride and Valemount, our programs are designed and facilitated by experienced professionals who care about you finding and reaching your goals. See two of our programs below.

Community Outreach Program: Helps individuals deal with government.

Family Support Workers: Help families struggling with stress reduction and emotional regulation (including what’s commonly known as anger management) for adults or children, help with communication between family members, boundary setting, positive discipline, parenting skills, budgeting, nutrition and any other factors to support a stable and healthy home environment.

The Quiz!

For each of the following questions give yourself 0 points for Never; 1 point for Almost Never; 2 points for Sometimes; 3 points for Fairly
Often and 4 points for Very Often.

In the last month, how often have you…

  1. Been upset because of something that happened unexpectedly?
  2. Felt that you were unable to control the important things in your
  3. Felt nervous and stressed?
  4. Felt unsure about your ability to handle your personal problems?
  5. Felt that things weren’t going your way?
  6. Found that you could not copy with all the things that you had to do?
  7. Been unable to control irritations in your life?
  8. Felt that you weren’t on top of things?
  9. Been angered because of things that were outisde of your control?
  10. Felt difficulties were piling up so high that you could not over come them?

0-11 : You’re able to handle life’s stressors well at the moment.
11 to 14 : Average. Your life is far from stress-free so now is the time to learn how to reduce your stress to healthier levels.
15 to 18 : Medium-high. You may not realize how much stress is already affecting your mood, productivity and relationships.
19+ : High. The higher your score, the more damage stress is doing to your mind, body and behaviour.


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